Terms and Conditions for Tutor

  1. You are prohibited from exchanging any personal information with students such as phone numbers/WhatsApp number, email addresses, Skype ids, etc. Exchange of personal information will lead to the termination of your services. Sometimes students might unwittingly share his/her personal information up front; in that case, you are required to guide the student as to the prohibited nature of the exchange, and kindly ask them to decline to offer such information in the future. If you are found to have worked with a student outside of our system that was brought to you originally by us, your registration with us will be terminated.
  2. Zero percent tolerance for plagiarism. Your content should be completely original. Copy pasting from internet or any other sources is not acceptable. If you provide plagiarized solution to any student at any time; your account will be terminated from the website and your earnings for that month will be forfeit!
  3. All Assignments/homework/projects/tutoring must be delivered to student on the agreed due date and time. It would not acceptable to inform the student at last moment that you could not complete the work and need more time. It is your duty to keep student updated regarding the progress of work you are doing. If solution is submitted after the due time student have right to ask for full refund; in that case you may not get paid at all or some portion only of that. We are the ultimate arbitrators in such cases, and our decisions are final and binding.
  4. You are not allowed to delegate the work you taken at your behalf to someone else. You must provide the help to students in your expertise area only. If you have someone who can handle the assignments in the area that you cannot, tell that person to contact us directly. We have our own screening process; without that no one is allowed to work indirectly on our system.
  5. Your first few requests will be under tight observation to see if you meet the standards and policies of onlinecollegehomeworkhelp.com. If your work is not found up to the expected standard in any way, your site registration may be terminated.
  6. All the material produced by you during homework/assignments and tutoring help as an independent contractor become the sole property of onlinecollegehomeworkhelp.com; these Terms, should you agree to them, give us exclusive rights to their use. The material you created while working with students on our website may never be published anywhere on the internet at any time. Students’ materials posted to onlinecollegehomeworkhelp.com are subject to severe privacy restrictions. Tutors are consequently prohibited from relocating, re-posting, or forwarding student materials to any other online or offline site under any circumstances.
  7. If a student seeks a refund and you do not feel that one should be issued, the whole request, including all supporting documentation, will be referred to an arbitrator who will provide an unbiased assessment and recommendation on whether a refund is merited. Refunds might range from zero to hundred percent. Your pay on that request will be reduced by the same amount as the arbitrator’s suggested refund percentage, and that proportion will be applied to your share of the arbitrator’s fee as well. Furthermore, you may lose your right to work in that field.
  8. Exams are not something we work on. A take-home exam where the student is willing to engage in a live session as part of the learning process would be an exception. If something doubtful ask the student whether outside help allowed in that or not. We are not supposed to work on anything where outside help is not allowed.
  9. Onlinecollegehomeworkhelp.com has quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) personnel. All interactions between tutors and students that take place in our website’s dialogue boxes are examined on a daily basis for QA/QC purposes. Furthermore, our QA/QC team records and reviews all live tutoring sessions.
  10. The money that students pay to you is held on a business bank account and paid out for the preceding month for the first week of each month. You will then receive the commission for the total amount of income you have paid from your students. It would be paid by NEFT or via PayPal to your bank account.
  11. Instead of referring a student to another service or website, contact a site administrator if you suspect a student is requesting services that we do not provide.
  12. Your communications must always be professional, with no language that might be construed as provocative, lewd, unlawful, sexual, obscene, or otherwise unprofessional. If a student uses such language, immediately notify administration without responding to the student. Any religious, political, or social references must be avoided in any tutor communications. If a pupil makes such a reference, it should be ignored. In a nutshell, the idea is to have all communication directed solely upon the task at hand.
  13. If you have a problem with a student for any reason, especially if the student has become rude, hostile, or disrespectful, get aid from a site administrator rather than trying to manage it alone.
  14. You will be paid as a vendor offering services when you work with students on our platform as a self-employed, independent contractor.
  15. You are legally liable for anything that happens between you and any student you meet through our site as a self-employed instructor. For example, we have privacy protocols that students rely on while using our services; any violations of those privacy protocols would be your responsibility.
  16. We reserve the right to cancel your registration on the site at any moment, without notice or arbitration. You may not get your earned earnings for the month of your termination, or only a portion of them, if your termination is due to poor performance that we feel has harmed our revenue, reliability, or reputation.