Ruthenium based organo metallic drugs

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Posted on July 2, 2023


Project Desciption


I need help with my thesis writing work. It’s due by 20th July 2023.

I’m a student from Greenwich. Doing Msc formulation science

I want to know if you do chemistry based project

Topic :Ruthenium based organo metallic drugs

It’s Literature based thesis work and should be around 12,000 words.

O. Abstract

Write this at the end, when you wrote all of your thesis. Be careful; an abstract is not an intro. It has to be a summary of the whole manuscript. By reading the abstract, a reader should know more or less 80% of what you will discuss in your manuscript.

1. Introduction


Explain to the readers what a drug is in very

broad terms and what organometallic drugs are.

Focus only on real organometallics (compounds with a carbon-metal bond). Give a brief overview of the organometallic drugs field.


Brief introduction about organometallic iron compounds already used in medicine or very close to being used.


Find metallic drugs (especially ruthenium) that are

commercial and used these days. Show how they are made using standard chemistry too. (You might have to look into patents). Explain their biochemistry (how are they working?)

d. what are the recent progress in the field of ruthenium organometallic drugs

2. Discussion:

This is a critical discussion, and we need your personal input!


What are the biggest challenges in the field

following your own opinion after reading all of these articles? For instance, maybe some syntheses are complicated or expensive, or perhaps the drugs are not active enough.


How would you solve some of these challenges? Propose some ideas.

7. Conclusion

After reading and working on this literature project, what is the take-home message?

8. References

I recommend using the ACS (American chemical society) style for your reference.

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