How it works

After login, you will see the following tabs:

Find Project: Through this tab, you can see the details of all available projects on the website. If you find yourself comfortable with any project, you can bid on them. Then, if the student accepts your bid, you can start working on it.


Update Profile: Using this tab, update your profile. Your education and experience details or any sample works you would like to show to students might increase the probability of selecting your bid for their projects.


Inbox: Students can contact you before accepting your bid, that messages will come in this tab (Inbox). You can also chat with the student through your inbox. Once the student accepts your bid via making payment, then there is a workspace button would be visible, through which you can chat and share files with the student. Once you complete the work, please attach it to the workspace, and students can download it from there.


My Projects: You can check all your current and previous projects here on which you are working or worked earlier.


My Credit: Under this tab, you can get your earnings details through completing the projects.


Tutor Terms & Conditions: You have to be very careful about this before start working on any projects. So read it carefully, and we will update you if any changes there in the future.