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Brief for Placement Students 

FINAL REPORT (4000 words) 50%

The aim of your placement is to increase your employability. This is defined as the set of competencies, demonstrated by a combination of knowledge, skills, and behaviors, that make individuals more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupation, benefiting themselves, the workforce, the community and the economy.The first three Interim Reports encouraged you to reflect on the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours you have developed, with the fourth shifting the focus to your personal development and how this will help you in future.

This, your final report, relates directly to the Learning Outcomes for this module. You should use your reflections in your previous interim reports to enable you to complete the template below using the headings provided; up to 250 words are allocated for each section. 

Submission deadline of 

If you have any questions, please email me

ASSESSMENT 1 (1000 Words)

LO1 Demonstrate the ability to work according to the professional expectations and expected codes of behaviour of the industry/firm within which the placement is situated. 

To evidence this LO you need to:

explain what your supervisor has been expected from you in your placement 

identify the behaviours and standard practices that will be required in your future career

were these aspects of the profession new to you or were you prepared during your time at university?

ASSESSMENT 2 (1000 Words)

LO2 Reflect on the skills, knowledge and personal development gained from completion of the Industrial Practice placement. 

To evidence this LO you need to refer to your previous IRs and provide summaries under the following headings:

what skills have you developed in your placement? 

what knowledge have you gained in your placement? 

how have you, personally, developed during your placement?

ASSESSMENT 3 (1000 Words)

LO3 Critically analyse how scientific, practical, social OR political contexts of practice can 

impact on the advancement of their professional practice. 

To evidence this LO you need to consider:

the context within which your placement role is operating.  

How is it making a difference? Is the product/service available to everyone who could benefit from it?

ASSESSMENT 4 (1000 words)

LO4 Reflect on the significance of the Industrial Practice in terms of future employment and career possibilities. 

To evidence this LO you need to describe:

how your placement has benefitted your employment prospects

whether it has enabled you to identify a specific career path

what your next steps will be


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